Cathedral Finances

Because of the difficulties for parishioners to access the Cathedral, and thus make their normal generous weekly donations, the Cathedral is currently losing approximately £2000 per week. This weekly deficit will clearly put a strain on the Cathedral finances, without which we cannot properly support our priests and run the Cathedral.


In these very difficult times our clergy are more than aware of the many stresses and strains, both personal and financial, being suffered by parishioners; but if you feel able and are willing to go on making at least some contribution, however small, we would be immensely grateful.

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Contributions via

Brentwood Diocesan Website

It is also possible to access the giving page directly by scanning the QR codes below.
Open the camera on your smartphone, and aim at the QR code for the amount you wish to give either with or without Gift Aid.
Remember Gift Aid (see details below) is a wonderful way to increase the value of your generosity at no extra cost to you

qr-noIf you can use Gift Aid then the value of your generosity is increased by 25% at no cost to you, and Gift Aided contributions form a substantial part of the Cathedral finances. 


Details of the Gift Aid scheme


You can, if you prefer, make a payment directly into the Cathedral Bank Account using online banking. You will need to set up the Cathedral as a payee on your own online banking app or internet page. The Cathedral Bank details are as follows:


HSBC PLC, High Street, Brentwood, Essex

Account Name: Brentwood Cathedral
Sort Code: 40-13-22
Account number: 30 21 74 92


If you use this method please put your Surname and Initial as a reference. If you are part of our Gift Aid scheme, then please also add your Gift Aid number. So a typical reference might be


‘A Surname GA=999’


By entering this reference our Gift Aid Organiser will be able to make sure that your generosity is increased in line with the Gift Aid regulations.

Alternatively you may write a cheque  payable to The Cathedral Brentwood with your Cathedral Gift Aid number (if you have one) on the reverse. The cheque  can then be posted to Clergy House if you wish. 

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