Cathedral of St Mary & St Helen and Church of Holy Cross

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Download a Gift Aid Form


If you pay UK income tax, then Gift Aid is a very useful way for you to increase the value of your generosity at absolutely no cost to you. See the tax statement on the form overleaf.


Thus, for every pound you give to the Parish under the Gift Aid scheme, the Government will reimburse the Parish with a further 25 pence. This effectively increases the value of your donation by a quarter.


For example, if you give £4 per week this will be made up to £5 by the Inland Revenue; or if you can manage to give £50 per month, which will cost you £600 per annum, the Parish will receive no less than £750.


In difficult times when most people’s budgets are under considerable stress, Gift Aid is a wonderfully convenient and easy method of increasing the value of your generosity at absolutely no cost to you. Once you have completed the Gift Aid form, you can then simply give what you wish, and the Revenue will reimburse the Parish with an extra 25%, which is sourced from the tax you will already have paid.


A bankers standing order is a very convenient way of making sure you can continue to give, and greatly simplifies the work of our Gift Aid organiser. If you already have a long-standing bankers order in place, perhaps you could consider increasing the amount donated. The form overleaf can be used to replace your existing arrangement.


If you prefer to give on a weekly or occasional basis with cash or cheques, then we can supply you with Gift Aid envelopes marked with your own Gift Aid number. In fact any envelope marked as Gift Aid and bearing your personal number can be used.


If you have any questions please speak to Lorna Green, our Gift Aid organiser, who will be happy to help.

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