Changes at the Cathedral

19 July 2021


Taking our lead from both the Government and the Bishops’ Step 4 guidance (details) we will introduce a cautious and phased easing of Covid restrictions at the Cathedral.
Therefore, over this summer period we recommend that:
i) …. weather permitting, all Cathedral doors are to be left open for ventilation purposes
ii) …. people are strongly encouraged to continue to hand sanitise when entering and leaving the Cathedral
iii) …. people are strongly encouraged to continue wearing facemasks in order to ensure the well being and peace of mind of every member of the community.
iv) …. the Cathedral seating will be returned to its pre-pandemic arrangement
v) …. people will no longer be guided to their seats but will have responsibility for seating themselves. With extra seating, there will be more choice where they can sit and how to socially distance. Pre-pandemic, it would not be uncommon for people to leave one or two seats between themselves and their neighbour. Given the months of social distancing, we believe that people will do this almost automatically.
vi) …. Reception of Holy Communion. People will be guided up a row at a time by an usher as this improves the reverence with which Holy Communion is received and allows for social distancing.
vii) …. People will be encouraged to leave the Cathedral in an orderly fashion using all the Cathedral doors. 
Therefore, much of what we are presently doing will continue but with some cautious easing that allows parishioners to be more responsible for their own actions. I am confident that the vast majority of our community will do so and continue to have a real concern for their fellow parishioners.
Fr Martin

Masses & Private Prayer – Details

 If you are feverish or unwell do Not attend the Cathedral
Always wear a face covering

Your temperature may be checked on arrival


Covid-19 – Trace & Track