Covid-19 Crisis

From Fr Martin – 1 November 2020


Following the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s latest statement (31 Oct 2020), the country will now go into lockdown from 5 November until 2 December. For the Cathedral, this means that there will be no public celebrations of Mass or any other services during this time.


This is a huge disappointment, especially as so many people have worked so hard to make sure that the Cathedral was as Covid secure as it could reasonably be. Thank you to all those volunteers who have given so generously of their time in order to keep the Cathedral open and as safe as possible for those who wanted to come to Mass or to seek sanctuary with the Lord in prayer.


Nevertheless, there is no denying how serious the situation is and the growing pressures that those who work in the NHS now face. At the same time, we can already sense the real hardships and uncertainty that so many people are now facing. Therefore, we each have a moral responsibility to take these new restrictions seriously and to accept any sacrifices with Christian resolve and a real concern for the common good and well being of the whole of society.


Be assured that Fr Martin and Fr Gary will continue to celebrate Mass and to pray for the parish family and the needs of our troubled and beautiful world.


Let us now take this time to lift each other and our world in prayer to the Lord, trusting that all things are ultimately in His hands and His care. Let us shelter together under the protecting mantle of Our Lady. Let us not lose hope.


May the Lord’s protecting hand be over you, your families and friends during these coming weeks.


Arrangements for Christmas Masses


Happier times –  Mass before the lockdown


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