Safeguarding at the Cathedral

Safe Spaces


Safe Spaces is a free and independent support service, provided by the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales in collaboration with Victim Support.


Safe Spaces comprises a team of trained support advocates who have undergone specific training in how the churches respond to abuse cases, the way in which faith and church-related settings have been used to carry out abuse, and the particular issues affecting people who have had or still have, a relationship with the church.


This national service provides remote support by helpline, live chat, and website for as long as the survivor needs such support.


If face-to-face support is also required, referrals can be made to appropriate local organisations according to need.


The service can assist victims of church-related abuse in England or Wales. This includes any church official, ordained or lay, paid or voluntary. It also includes abuse linked to participating in a church-led activity or group. Every effort is made to minimise or avoid re-traumatisation at every stage of support, and great emphasis is placed on keeping secure the personal and sensitive data of survivors.


To contact Safe Spaces


0300 303 1056,

or e-mail,

or visit

for a Live Chat option and more service information.