Steward of the Gospel- Chris Chandler


November 2020


And So What?


And so, we are starting Lockdown 2.0 and have been celebrating Remembrance Sunday with virtually no public celebration of the lives given in armed conflict.coronaRemembrance Sunday at the Cathedral 2019

What does this mean for the development of Brentwood Diocese?


Certainly, that we must pray for Bishop Alan amidst so much uncertainty about the way that our society will be changed by Covid 19.


For the second time in few months we can only follow Mass online by live streaming.


We must have faith that whatever developments come about they will have been inspired by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Divine Plan, whatever that may be. Discerning the Divine Plan is especially problematic and we can only hope and pray that we and those around us get it right.


God bless,


Chris Chandler

Steward of the Gospel .. 8 November 2020

June 2020


Like all of you I am hoping we are beginning to see our lives return to something more comfortable. I have been remembering you all during my own time of isolation.


As a result of the huge changes that this pandemic has brought about I have heard from Steven Webb, Director of Development for our diocese, that he and Bishop Alan have decided that decisions about how our parishes in the diocese might develop for the future should be put on hold until further notice. This does not mean that such plans are shelved but that we have to wait to see what our community is going to look like in the future. It will take time to see how we might organise both our spiritual and social life. What about Live Streaming of Mass and other liturgies?


Please pray that we all may be inspired to enhance our lives by our lockdown experiences. I will let you know as soon as there is anything further to report.


God bless you all,


Chris Chandler
Steward of the Gospel .. 9 June 2020

May 2020


Earlier in April Steven Webb, Director of Development, asked Stewards to report from their parishes on the positive aspects of the lock down. I spoke to a number of people in the parish, very random and unscientifically selected, and sent my notes on to Steven at the end of April.


He has now published a collection of these ideas from around the diocese that includes practically all of what I said. You will find that collection by following this link – CORONA – and I strongly encourage you to read it – there are a lot of good ideas.

April 2020


Further to my last bit of news I need to let you know that Bishop Alan has decided to put on hold his thoughts on Parish Partnership Plans until at least the end of May. This is because of the Coronavirus Pandemic which is changing life as we know it for everyone and may result in a need for him to change his ideas. On that topic I commend to you Fr Martin’s letters to the Parish elsewhere on this website and the Easter Pastoral Letter from Bishop Alan on the diocesan site.


May God bless you all with a most Holy and Happy Eastertide.


Chris Chandler

Steward of the Gospel  .. 10 April 2020

March 2020


Between now and Easter, along with all parishes throughout the diocese, we expect to receive Bishop Alan’s proposals for the future development of our Cathedral Parish. We will consider and report to you on this as soon as possible after Easter.


God bless,


Chris Chandler

Steward of the Gospel … 30 March 2020

February 2020


As Lent arrives may I ask you  please all to pray for Bishop Alan who is due to publish his Plan for the Development of our Diocese at Easter. It is expected to be looking twenty five to thirty years into the future taking into account all the expected, and unexpected changes in the world, and particularly the Church, during that time – a very considerable challenge.


As our great feast approaches I hope I might have a bit more to say about the arrangements for publication and distribution of the Plan.


Until then, have a good Lent and God bless you all.


Chris Chandler

Steward of the Gospel … 24 February 2020