Corona-19 Crisis

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to apply for places at Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


We have done our very best to allocate the places as rapidly and fairly as possible, and on average we have allocated 70% of the requested places.


Some Masses, especially the 5 pm Christmas Eve were heavily oversubscribed, and so the acceptance rate for this Mass was only just over 30%.


Sadly we have now filled all the allowable places for all of the Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


If you have already applied for places you will by now have been sent an email confirming whether or not you have been allocated places.


Please check your email Spam Filter if you have not yet heard. If you still cannot find the email you may contact the Cathedral Secretary.


Please DO NOT ATTEND Mass unless you have a printed confirmation email for the relevant Mass.


You will be required to show this to the Usher on arrival and unless you have such a document you will NOT be admitted.


Wishing everybody a Very Happy & Healthy Christmas.


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